Immigration Portal 2023 – Application Made Easy Here

The Immigration Portal 2023 Recruitment Application has been opened for all those desiring to work with the Nigeria Immigration Service Agency.

If you wish to apply for the ongoing Nigeria Immigration Recruitment, the application procedures, and the official portal has bedn provided for you in this asrticle.

Meanwhile, far from that, there are series of other aspect of the Immigration Portal 2023 tht we will focus on which include series of features that accompoanies the Immigration Portal 2023. we are going to take you through how you can make best use these features when ever you visit the portal.

However, you should bear in mind that the Immigration Portal 2023 is very vast that you can use the portal to engage on any Immigration Recruitment Program, Nigeria Immigration international Passport Renewal and lots of other things that accompoanys the portal.

Meanwhile lets get to know what the Immigration Portal is all about and how we can make the best use of the Immigration Portal 2023 as the portal has been reopned for current Recruitment.

Get to Know Immigration Portal 2023

The Immigration Portal 2023 is part of the Nigeria Immigration Service Agency official website where anyone jhave full access to all the srvices that are rendered by the agency.

on the Immigration Portal 2023 can perform self service. Thjis is made available to ensure smooth running of the agency’s services.

Once you access the portal, you can have full access to any available and current service once the the portal is open. As for now the Immigration Portal 2023 has been opened for its annual recruitment program.

Some knows that they can access the Immgration Portal but the problem is, what can they do once they access the portal. they do not know where and how to start.

If that is your own case, worry no more for this article is meant for, it will take you through all the self services you can perform on the platform with practical steps.

All you have to do is to carefully go through this article to discover the silent point gthat will be of major for it will assist you successfull applly for the onging Immigration Portal 2023 Recruitment for thise desiring to work in the agency.

Immigration Portal 2023 – What it can do foryou

Just as mentioned earlier, there are series of features that accompoanies the Immigration Portal 2023. And we are going to take you through how you can make best use these features when ever you visit the portal.

Below are the series of features that  can be found oe what you can do on the Immigration Portal.

Fill Onlin Application For Recruitment Program –  On the Immigration Portal 2023, you can fill out  & submit the ongoing Immigration Recruitment Form online.

As the Nigeria Immigiration Service Agency has reopened the Immigration Portal 2023, you can access the portal, fill pout the form, and submit it directly on the platform.

To apply for the ongiog Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment Program, you can do so going to the agency offficial portal @ portal login.

you are to follow the instructions provided on the portal to fill out the form and if  you meet the requirements, you are asured of being among the lucky ones whose name will be shortlisted.

Meanwhile, below are the basic requirements for the 2023 Immigration Recruitment Program.

Checking of Recruitment form Status – You can check the status of your applicaytion if you apply for the recruitment program. ypou can acces the portlal and check the status of your application.

Renewal of Nigerian International Passport – If you access the Immigration Portal 2023, you can easily Renew your Nigeria INternational Passport with ease.

Once you acces the piortal, fill out the form for the the Renewal of International Passport, complete it, make the payment on the Platpform as well.

This ease the stress of going to their physical office to fill  renew your international passport which can be very stressful.

Immigration Portal 2023 – Basic Requirements

The basic requirement for the application of the Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment is that applicants must be Nigerian citizens by birth

Interested applicants for the ongoing Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment Program must be at least 18 years of age and not more than 40 years.

Candidates must have at least five credit scores in not more than two sittings on the West African Senior School Examination Certificate (WASSCE), General Certificate of Education (GCE), and National Examination Council (NECO). A credit score in the English Language is compulsory.

Possession of a B.Sc, HND, & OND certificate in any related field and probably from a reputable institution is an added advantage.

You must have a valid means of identification such as the National Identification Number (NIN) or Card, Driver’s license, and international passport.

Note: in some cases, voters voter’s card can be used as a means of identification

Applicants must be physically & medically firm and free from intake of hard drugs

Apply For International Passport – You can apply for and obtain yuour international passport via the Immigiration Portal 2023 which contains all the the self service features that are made available for users to easily start and complete online.

If you find this article helpful or you have any questions for us regarding the Immigration Portal 2023, you can do so in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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