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Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022 — Mpesa one of the leading digital money banks has announced its new tariff for its users with a lot of increases and decreases in some areas of usage. Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022 Kenya

The world is changing fast and everything is almost going in line with it. Technology has seen vast application in all aspects of human life and so one of its functions is what we are about to discuss now.

With the increase in the use of technology in our banking system, there is also a thing known as mobile banking. This system saw an increase in usage during the COVID-19 days in 2020.

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With the increase in usage companies offering these services had to make a lot of changes to protect people and lives. this is the case of one of the best-used mobile banking systems from Safaricom.

There is a new upgrade to the new tariff as announced by Safaricom. Here below, is a piece of detailed information on the Mpesa withdrawal charges for 2022. In this update, you will not only get info on the withdrawal charges alone but with other pretty good information following the changes in the Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022 tariff.

Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022 | About Mpesa

Mpesa or mobile pesa is a mobile money service system. The mobile service can be seen in money or funds transfers, payments of the bill, and microfinancing. It was launched in 2007 by the companies Vodafone and Safaricom largest mobile network operators in Kenya.

The mobile cell phone account can serve as your regular microfinance bank where you store your money, make deposits, payments, withdraw, transfer buy, as well as get credits using your mobile device.

Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022

Mpesa with a combined decision with the Central bank of Kenya took into account the mobile money pricing. And by this, the mobile money service tariff has been reduced to about 45 percent for lower value transaction bands.

How much does it cost to withdraw? Between 50 to 100 Ksh, the new tariff is 10 Ksh. Users are allowed to make multiple withdrawals from any ATM. With a limit to Ksh 20,000 daily.

From 1 to 49 Ksh is free but you are not allowed to with less than 50 from any mpesa agents. Transactions in a day from 50,001 to 150,000 the user pays 300 Ksh as a charge.

Other Information on the Mpesa Transactions

There is a slash in charges for all transactions that go to the minimum so for all transfers to other registered mobile money users. All transfers from 1 to 100 are free for all the transactions

Transfer to other networks, minimum of 200 to a maximum of 2500 gets an of 34 Ksh

Transaction of up to 2501 Ksh to 5000 gets a charge of 67 Ksh

And so goes for the rest 5001 min and 10000 = 112 Ksh. Then 10001 to 20000 = 197 Ksh as charge.

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There are no charges for transactions like deposits, mpesa registrations, buying airtime using the M-Pesa service, checking balance or balance inquiry as well as changing of pin

With the new tariff plan came the increase in the total amount of Ksh an individual can have in the mobile wallet account and the daily limit went up to 300,000 Ksh.

Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022 Explained Simply

  • Mpesa is the leading mobile banking app that was established in Kenya in 2007 by Vodacom and Safaricom. The mobile money wallet provides services like depositing, purchase of goods, payments, transfer, and microfinance services.
  • There is new tariff or charges and the Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022 is no doubt a little bit of a comeback from the COVID-19 charges
  • The charges allow users, especially those who make fewer transactions not to incur overbearing charges in their accounts.
  • the maximum balance for any user is Ksh 300,000 with a daily maximum value of 300,000 Ksh and with that per transaction of 150,000 Ksh
  • though you can transfer or make payments and other transactions from 1 to 49 Ksh you cannot withdraw less than Ksh 50 at any M-PESA agent.
  • All deposits to the mobile wallet are free of charge


This information on the Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022 provides opened our eyes to the unimaginable function or service the M-Pesa mobile wallet provides. From the above, our users are advised on the best process to follow to reduce transaction charges.

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You know what to right? What do you think about mpesa registration and making use of this Kenya-based innovation? Well enough you can use the mpesa services almost anywhere around the world apart from places where they do not have the service rights.

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